Weird stuff is happening all around, you just have to be there to catch it. Like this guy in Maine last night. Decides to go to an ATM to grab some cash. Asks for $140, gets $37,000. Wait did I put the comma in there right? If you were to divide 37,000 by 140, you would get 264.28571428571428571428571428571 I assume repeating. I don't know what this data means, but I feel that it's somehow telling of just how bad this ATM is at math.

What if it's not just this ATM? What if all the ATM's in Maine are bad at math?! Is it now more economically sound to drive to Maine to make withdraws despite any gas price? None of this makes sense, but at least it can't get weirder right?

As it turns out, the guy who got lucky at the ATM, was a homeless man. How does the homeless man have $140 in a bank account? That's it, from now on I'm taking money out of every ATM I come across, just in case.