The radio game in Atlanta sounds slightly rougher then it is in Albany. Ronald Robinson aka “Beestroh” a radio host for Hot 107.9 in Atlanta was recently shot by police outside a nightclub. According to reports, Beestroh was attending a party for Rick Ross when he got into a scuffle outside the club. When police tried to step in Beestroh, or “B-dizzle” as he might also prefer to be called pulled out a gun and fired at the officers. Police returned fire striking the Beestroh in the leg. He was later arrested for two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer

This story really intimates me in the radio game. I hate knowing that if I want to gain any kind of national recognition I will have to make some drastic moves. I’ll have to change my name to a small Italian eatery and start waving a gun around. I’m all about the silly name, but I’m not too excited about the getting shot part.