One movie that I am curious to check out this weekend is the Zach Snyder directed Sucker Punch.

I love going to the movies and hands down my favorite genre to see is action.  It's loud and exciting and every reason why I want to go spend outrageous money on a movie ticket. A pretty cool action movie that is out this weekend is Sucker Punch.  The concept of the movie is very cool.  A young girl is thrown into a mental hospital and in her imagination is where she can escape.  She fights all kinds of enemies in the process with her fellow crazies along side of her.

The difference between this metal hospital and a real one is the fact that it is filled with hot girls who seem to be experts in combat and weapons.  Not that I am complaining or anything.  I don't know how Sucker Punch will stand up to the competition that is already out.  Rango continues to dominate and the Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro film Limitless debuted last week at number one.