Day 2 at the SOLD OUT Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH and I got to sit down with British boys of Asking Alexandria. Ben Bruce, lead guitars and key music writer, joined me in Radio Row to talk about their new album, From Death to Destiny - out August  3rd, American living, getting married and more.

When it comes to the doing Radio Row at event Ben says "it reminds me of going to a Guitar Center. Everyone that's there doesn't know how to play guitar is playing guitar and smashing a snare drum". This is very true as you can hear in the background noise of the interview.

The guitarist is getting married in 4 days and has fully moved to the United States with his wife to be. As for the wedding, it's mostly up to his wife-to-be: "I've just been the credit card. You do what you want, I'll try to be on time for the wedding."

Their album "From Death to Destiny" has been pushed back several times and now has a release date of August 3rd. Ben says "We just wanted it to be perfect. We only finished it 2 weeks ago." He continued by saying "you'll have it finished and you'll leave it a month. Then you'll go back with fresh ears and you'll hear something you would like here"

We finished out talking about the various different releases of the album with bonus songs.

Check out the full interview below (NSFW)