Track time is a very special time to some people.  However, to year round residents of the Saratoga area and beyond it's nothing but an annoyance.

It's track season, which means that people from all around are flocking to Saratoga, NY to enjoy a few races and hit up the beautiful little town.  This of course means that I want to stay the hell away from the place.  Saturday I was up there for the Motley Crue concert and what should of been a 2 minute drive through downtown Saratoga turned in 20 minutes.

I was like, what is taking so long?  I know that things get busy, but this was absolutely ridiculous.  What was I expecting from opening weekend at the track though?  Still, I was annoyed.  As I looked around at the cars surrounding me I realized that not one of them was from the state let alone the area.  This explained a lot.  As it turned out, I was being held up by a bunch of out of towners who had no idea where they were going.  Backing up turning lanes, and trying to get down one way streets the wrong way.  You can imagine my frustration.

This is just one of the many reasons why during track season I stay the hell away.  Unless there is a concert going on, I don't like to go near the place.  Once things settle down,  I love Saratoga.  Great restaurants and shops, but not right now.  I know that the city must make a ton of money during it but for people like myself, you aren't getting anything out of me.  Speaking of the great restaurants and shops, good luck getting food during this time of the year.  The wait at the places is ridiculous.  I saw lines out to the sidewalks.  I don't think there is anything more frustrating than seeing one of your favorite spots overtaken by tourists. Forget going to the track itself.  If you like dealing with it all, then by all means go right ahead.

I wouldn't be so bent out of shape if these tourists knew where or what they were doing.  It was horrible trying to get around there.  Even during a big show at SPAC, the out of town people tend to be the most annoying.  I know that Qtease Amanda is from around that area and even she says she stays the hell away from there during the late summer. It's all the out of towners that make things so miserable for us regular residents of the Capital Region.

Don't get me wrong, Saratoga is a beautiful place and I will be visiting once again, but not until all these idiots go home.