When the awesome people of the Ommegang Brewery asked me if I wanted to sample one of their awesome brews, I of course said 'hell yes'.  Then they passed me the Art Of Darkness and things got crazy.

Okay, so maybe things didn't get 'crazy' per say, but I did get a taste of a limited edition beer that is one of the darkest, most delicious I have ever had.  Made right in Cooperstown, NY the Art Of Darkness packs a flavor punch like no other.

Keep in mind that you are messing with dark forces here, so make sure that you can handle it.  You shouldn't mess with the dark arts unless you are fully prepared for what it can bring to the table.  Just kidding, no magic involved in this beer.  Unless of course you consider what the people at Ommegang do is magic, but it's brewed just like their other beers.

You're probably saying, what makes it pack it's flavor punch?  Spices?  No.  Extra flavoring?  No again.  It gets all that deep flavor from from the Ommegang house yeast.  That is some pretty powerful stuff I might add.  One mug of this concoction and you'll seriously be wondering why you haven't been drinking this dark beer your whole life, especially if you are a big fan of darker beers.

Remember, this one is limited edition, so get it while you can.  They say that it's an excellent beer to cellar, or you can simply enjoy it right away.  Visit the Ommegang website for more information on the Art Of Darkness, and all their other delicious brews. Cheers!