The South West has long been the target of supposed alien invasion, but some new footage has just popped up online of what looks like UFO's circling over a high school football game in Arizona.  Real or fake?

Okay, I don't know if what I am looking at is real or a very clever illusion. One explanation is that it was a team of skydivers with tracer sparks attached. Way to ruin the fun "experts". I do believe that we aren't alone in this Universe, and part of me really wants to believe that aliens showed up to watch a little football.

I was just under the impression that skydivers moved pretty quickly through the air, and these things just kind of sit there.  So it is possible that these weren't skydiver and were in fact extraterrestrials.  The only to be sure would be to look and see if there was anyone skydiving that night.  My fingers are crossed though that  we are that much closer to first contact and warp drive though.

That video wasn't the only one to pop up.  Here is another look at the mysterious lights.