Are You Smarter than a Q-Tease will be starting back up this Wednesday at City Sports Grill next to Spare Time Bowl in Clifton Park. It's where Halestorm bowled with fans last year and did an acoustic performance before their show at Northern Lights. So it's a very laid back place, and you can bowl before or after trivia! There's plenty of parking so you do not have to worry about fighting for a space or even parallel parking. I hope new groups can come and the same groups come back. It's always a lot of fun and laughs, especially some of the answers that come up throughout the night.
For those of you wondering, I will be participating this coming Wednesday. I still have yet to win a night of trivia since I have been working these events last year.  Maybe this new year will finally bring me some luck!

UPDATE: The winning team each week will win tickets to Music As A Weapon Tour 5 at Glens Falls Civic Center - January 23rd.