For years we’ve been hearing that Americans are fat and after reading this you’ll probably think that we’re worse than we’ve ever been. It’s gotten to the point that scales are now taking readings up to 500 lbs. I guess they used to go up to 300 lbs but now they find more and more people require a larger scale just to find out how much they weigh. God, that’s sad isn’t it? Here’s a little more for you. The average American is 23 pounds overweight, and 33% are obese. One of out of every three people is to the point that they are considered obese? Unbelievable! I swear that they are adjusting more than just scales too. I used to always have to wear an extra-large shirt, and now days I easily fit into a large and when I’m taking care of myself I can fit into a medium. I believe they are sizing clothing differently to not make us feel as fat as we are. I don’t know why the clothing industry cares, but something is definitely up. Well if you’re tired of it, here’s a list of the 20 best weight loss diets. And here’s to trimming up before we have to get a scale that goes up to 500 pounds.