When it comes to getting a buzz kids get creative. There is sniffing a fermented turd, huffing paint or licking a nasty toad. However this approach looks disgusting and clean at the same time.

According to the LAtimes.com Teens are now finding a buzz from drinking hand sanitizer. First off, how do you discover you can get drunk of sanitizer? Did some kid accidentally make out with some questionable STD ridden girl and do the first thing he could think of and drink sanitizer to clean his mouth? Instant sanitizer is the worse smelling stuff on the planet. Anything I immediately relate to a porter potty belongs no where near my mouth. But if kids are doing it who am I to judge?

I just want to know how lazy are kids getting these days? What ever happened to paying some old hobo with one shoe on double to go into the store and grab you a case of PBR?