If you’re thinking about getting a hybrid vehicle, you should definitely read about this possible scam situation. Well maybe it’s not necessarily a scam, but it’s certainly shifty. If you’re unaware, in order to encourage the purchases of hybrids, the government will give you a $7,500 tax break if you buy a new hybrid. The key word here is ‘new’. So, there are a couple of dealerships that have been accused of buying new hybrids to collect the $7,500 and then turning around and selling it as a used vehicle. Wow, it’s probably not illegal, but it sure stinks doesn’t it? Is it true? No one knows for sure as no one has stepped up and admitted to it. I think the important thing to remember is, if you're going to buy a hybrid, make sure you're getting a new one. Read more at Wotmotortrend.com.