If you were to put five of your best friends in a room, there is a good chance that at least four of them will own an Apple product of some kind.  That is the reason that Apple is now worth billions.

Apple has just become one of just four companies ever to become worth $500 billion.  That's right, $500 billion.  Now most experts are wondering if they can get to a trillion in the future.  The fact that they are worth $500 billion means that they are worth more than Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Belgium.  Apple could basically become their own fully-functioning country.

Now there is a bunch of financial mumbo-jumbo, but according to Yahoo, Apple is still fairly low as far as the sales of their specialty products.  They only make up 10% of the PC business, and 20% of the cellphone industry.  You know what that means?  That means that if they start to become really successful, they will rule the world.  If only Steve Jobs could see it now.