If you're not an iPhone or Apple fan, stop reading this right here and right now. Turn around, go to another website like 9Gag or Reddit, and look at pictures of kittens and Not Safe for Work things. This article is all about Apple's new iPhone  and the Nerd-gasam that happened all over the world yesterday.

Now I started my college courses at the beginning of this week and while the announcement was made, I was busy doing my Algebra course work. So I missed the initial announcement as it was happening. But when the info went up on the Apple website, I had to just read it and see what they did and see how many of the rumors were right. I was so impressed I never got to the rumors and just dropped my jaw at the look of the thing. Jony Ive has done it again with an amazing design. It's 18% thinner than the current iPhone. At that point I took out my iPhone 4s and looked at it, then I wet myself.

It also has a longer battery life then the current iPhone, a bigger screen and the lens for the 8 mega-pixel camera is made from a crystal that is almost as strong as diamond when it comes to hardness, so it harder to scratch. There is also the smaller connector for the phone. The new Lightning connector which is reversible so you just plug in and go. No more right side up any more. Top it all off with new A6 chip, iOS6 software the same awesome retina display, and you have "Electric Sex" in your hand.

One of the things I thought was kind of cool that I heard, was that designer Jony Ive actually scanned over 250 people's ears to find commonality for designing the new ear pods so they would fit more people. I can only imagine how he presented the non disclosure agreement to those people.But seriously, if you are a fan of Apple, you, like me must be on the verge of going "Fanboi". If you're not, well, you have to admit, the design is impressive and a lot of work went into this phone. But to each their own, and I want my own iPhone 5. But I have to wait till I'm due for my upgrade in February 2014.

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