Is this new anti-rape underwear for real? I’m all about a product that helps further protect women from horrific monsters, but the way that this product is being presented raises a few questions.

Well, I have danced around for about an hour trying to think of what jokes about this product I can make that will keep the squares here from misreading into the joke and wanting to fire me. So after a longtime thinking, I decided maybe just going straight forward with this post is best.

Anti- rape underwear sounds like a wonderful invention if it helps save just one woman from being assaulted. However, the idea that we still live in a world where “anti-rape” underwear has to be created is awfully sad.

Some legitimate questions I have about this product

#1: Was this inspired by the movie “Robin Hood Men in Tights?"

#2: What happens when you have a White Castle-style bathroom emergency?