Joey Belladonna is back in Anthrax and not just on tour.  He is also back on vocals on their brand new album, Worship Monster, which is due out September 13.

A new album from Anthrax is right around the corner.  So far I have heard the first 2 singles off the record, and I am impressed.  These have put together a great album for 2011 in Worship Music and this September we'll get to hear it.

Recently Joey Belladonna rejoined the band and they have bee riding high with the rest of the 'Big Four' on their massive tours across the world.  Belladonna was the lead man in Anthrax from 1984-1992 with his last studio album with the band being 1990's Persistence of Time.  He sat down with the good people of Icon vs Icon to talk about what went into making this new album.  Belladonna said that it was not an easy matter.

They have had some difficulties getting it off the ground. I guess through the trials and tribulations, they had time to find me a spot in there. It seemed that I had been out of the band forever. It is cool in its own way, but it is a shame that after we have done something so well, I wish we could have done more in the past and kept that going. That still bugs me. You have all of these comparisons now and reasons why you weren't there. You just look back on it like, "Man, we missed a lot of opportunities. Who knows what we could have come up with along the way?" I think it would have been successful in its own way, especially when music was being centered around the stores instead of the Internet. But you know what? I am happy to be there! I am very glad that the record is finished and ready to go — finally!

Being that Belladonna has been gone for sometime now, he probably had some reservations about rejoining with the guys in Anthax, but Belladonna said the only thing that made him nervous was if he would be able to knock out the vocals.  So where does he stand with the band now?

I stand pretty good right now. I mean, we are taking on everything according to the time-frame that is in front of us. Each day is a new situation. We just try to take everything down in numbers just to make sure that everybody is correct and that we are doing it together and that everyone is a part of it. Right now I think that everything is in line, as best as it can be and we have a lot of stuff going on

You can read the entire interview with Joey Belladonna over on the Icon vs Icon websiteWorship Music will hit stores and online everywhere on September 13.  Hear one of the brand new tracks from them, "The Devil You Know", below.