Tuesday night, Northern Lights was alive with a nearly sold out show of co-headliners Anthrax and Testament, and supporting band Death Angel. The line was non-stop for almost two hours as classic, old school thrash metal fans and lovers of all ages packed the venue from corner-to-corner and everywhere in between.

The show started around 8 pm with Flilipino-American quintet Death Angel, who set a high standard for the night and prepared the crowd for the show that was to come. I heard the band from outside the venue and they seemed to fit in well with the genre and the packed room of metal heads. The crazy, continuous drum bass would turn out to be a theme throughout the night, which got everyone into the headbanging mood.

Co-headlining California sextet Testament took the stage next and hyped up the crowd even more. I

 watched them from outside and it looked like they put on a killer show. The band have been together for longer than I've been alive, and it sounded as though they have only been getting better with age and experience.

As fans waited for Anthrax to come on, the blue spotlights danced around the stage as the crowd roar grew louder and louder in anticipation. The stage became darker, and the metal horns went up in masses as the band took their spots on stage. Everyone cheered for the quintet as they broke out in song and released all of their energy onto the crowd.

I was only there long enough to witness three songs, but I know I was seeing something special. They might be older, but the band still has has it. They reminded me of the Coop-man- so much energy, as if they were still teenagers, interactive, powerful and just living in the moment. I've never seen either band or ever really been a fan, but for the short time I was there, I enjoyed their performance, as did the rest of the crowd.

Were you at Tuesday's show? What did you think?