The Walking Dead is becoming a reality and the Apocalypse is coming!  First it was the zombie attack in Miami, then in New Jersey a man stabbed himself and threw his intestines at police. Now another man admitted he killed his room-mate then ate his heart and brains.  Alexander Kinyua , a 21 year old Morgan State University student in Maryland ate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie over the weekend.

Kinyua's father called police after Kinyua's brother found human remains of a head and two hands a  in a tin hidden in the basement.  When they returned they found Kinyua cleaning out the tin.  Police searched the house and then arrested Kinyua.

He then confessed to killing Agyei-Kodie with a knife, cutting him up and then dismembered him. He dined on fine cuisine,  ingesting parts of the victim's brain and all of his heart. He then allegedly got rid of most of the remains in a dumpster behind a church in Joppatowne.

With all these zombie attacks suddenly happening, and you were held up in a boarded up barn, what Rob Zombie song would you want to crank up to fight off these living dead flesh eating humans?