Yesterday we got a taste of an unreleased Metallica track called 'Hate Train'.  Today, we get another unreleased track from the boys called 'Just a Bullet Away'.

Apparently Metallica is trying to get back in the good graces of their fans.   After all the back lash and failure of the Lulu album, they have 'mysteriously' (sarcasm) released a couple unreleased tracks for their fans to see.  The first track popped up yesterday and today we get a look at another Metallica track from the Death Magnetic sessions.

Not sure why it was left off the album, because this song absolutely kicks ass!  To me this sounds a lot like the ...And Justice Metallica.  It has an awesome solo from Kirk Hammet in the middle, and Hetfields vocals are great.  Give it a listen below.  I am quickly forgetting about that abortion they made with Lou Reed.