Did you know that AC/DC has already released 5 live discs? Looks like # 6 is on the way!

The new CD/DVD package which is due out in the spring, features the band’s three December 2009 shows at Buenos Aires’ River Plate Stadium, each of which was in front of over 60-thousand fans.

I hope that was sometime in the beginning of the tour, because when I saw them at the end of it here at the Times Union Center, it was really tough to listen to Brian Johnson. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and he's done some great stuff with the band since Bon Scott! But in all seriousness, you are not supposed to make sounds like that with your voice over and over again. By the time they made it to Albany, well there was just nothing left in the tank for Johnson. Although I must say, Angus took it to the house and compensated for BJ with his fantastic energy and literally sweating like a pig. After that show, there was no doubt in my mind that no matter how much they get paid for a gig, Angus earns every dollar of it!

When you're talking about live AC/DC, this one always comes to mind!