Since the passing by New York voters last year to add more Vegas-style casinos in the state, many towns and cities around the Capital Region has placed their name in the hat for a location.

Thus far we have seen Saratoga Springs consider but turn down the option to build another casino. While Amsterdam says they have 500 acres of land just waiting to build one. Well, add one more to list.

The owners of Howe Caverns in Schoharie County say they have 300 acres of land that a casino could be built on. They already have the approval from the county to build a water park and dinosaur canyon, but want to add another attraction to the mix.

Our intent is to keep Howe Caverns in tact. Howe Caverns will not change. It will still be a family destination.

We have 330 acres that surround Howe Caverns that's an approved plan development.

We're hoping some developers make the visit out here to Howe Caverns and see what we have to offer. - Canverms manager William Gallop talking with News10

Gallop says he doesn't believe that they'd be in competition with the Saratoga Casino & Raceway. He also said the option to put in a bid for the casino only opened up recently due to the Saratoga Springs City Council passing a resolution against a new casino in the city.