Something happens to certain people when they put on a uniform. Like the Mall Security badge says you need to respect me even if I don't respect you. In this video we don't get to see what happens before the camera person starts shooting, but you can clearly see Officer Adams has become personally and emotionally invested in the malls request to not allow photos to be taken on the property. The video starts off with Officer Adams threatening to take away everyone's cameras. After some yelling and screaming Officer Adams grabs a women that turns out had at least a self defense class or two under their belt, because the bystander wraps her hands around Officer Adams throat takes the fight to the ground, jumps into a full mount then begins to ground and pound. The real loser in this situation has to be the company that trains this security staff because they can't control a group six people taking photos, let alone defend them selves. With proper screening and training none of this would have happen.