Seventeen years ago today is when the famed front man of Nirvana took his life. What I wonder is, what would he be doing if he were still around today?

On April 8th, an electrician who was to install a security system found Kurt Cobain dead with a suicide note and a gun. It was determined that he had killed himself 3 days earlier on April 5th. Most of us know his background so I'm not here to talk about childhood, drugs, disorders or any other thing that could have driven him to suicide. Instead of questioning why, I say what if? What if Kurt was alive in 2011? What would he be doing? Would he working with rappers in a basement studio? Would he have found God and become a clergyman? Would he have been smart enough to save and invest his money in a way that he would never have to work again? Would he still be writing and performing music? If so, would he be doing it with Nirvana? My guess is that Nirvana was getting too big and too mainstream and Kurt would have ended it. He probably would have tried a few other musical projects with efforts to keep him anonymous from the band, but that never would have worked as it’s become impossible to keep any media secrets and someway or another Kurt would have become bored and ended up doing some other craft or art or something other than music. One thing is for sure, I can’t see Kurt all these years later tied up in a contract with Nirvana and listening to some record guy saying “Alright Kurt, we need a catchy single”. I sense he would have retorted with a big F-You! So what about you? What paths do you think Kurt would have gone down if he chose to live instead? There is no right or wrong answer of course. Humor me and leave a comment.

Although I believe there are better Nirvana songs, I went with this one because the video is so ridiculous. I hadn’t seen it forever, and you will definitely laugh if it’s been a while for you too.