Last night Andy Rooney made his final appearance on 60 Minutes last night, a place where he has been a fixture since 1978.  In his final piece, Rooney explains that he has had a "lucky life".

It was as heartfelt as Andy Rooney could possibly be, but then again, Andy Rooney is Andy Rooney. On Sunday nights, people use to look forward to his commentary on life in general in a video editorial. In recent years it has seemed more like an old man complaining about those damn kids then giving perspective, but I guess it's the perspective of a man who has seen a lot of change over the years.

Rooney said that this isn't his retirement, because writers never retire.  At 92 years old though, I think it's okay for him to hang it up if he wants too.  I just hope that I can have a career as long lasting has his in this business of broadcasting and journalism.