Sitting between two guys, one covered in tattoos with dyed-green hair smiling, the other with a shaved head sitting cross-legged, I stare down at my coffee-stained interview questions ready to begin our interview.  I am in awe of how normal and down-to-earth Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of the hit band Twenty One Pilots are.  It feels as if I'm ready to start filming a normal conversation after a few laughs, not an interview with an internationally famous band, with their most recent single 'Heathens' currently sitting in the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

After a series of 'Meet and Greet' photos, and getting to get a snap of my own with Tyler and Josh, I got to have a sit-down and ask the guys a few questions. These included their thoughts on rock band Halestorm's cover of 'Heathens,' guilty pleasure music to listen to on tour, and all about Josh's new personal line of drum gear with SJC Custom Drums. Check out the video interview below!

As the band continues to embark on their "Emotional Roadshow" tour, it seems as if they have no sense of slowing down.  With an enormous production including lights, stage effects, costumes that pay homage to the so aptly named "Blurryface" album, and even a band member dancing in a ball on top of the crowd, Twenty One Pilots pulled out all the stops.  From 2014, when they played Upstate Concert Hall, to selling out arenas now, they have truly erupted from a band into a 'sensation.'

While Josh and Tyler couldn't divulge any specifics of what's to come in the future, I'm sure it will only include great things.