I remember after the death of Amy Winehouse that her father had claimed the she died from ‘alcohol withdrawal’. And to me that simply sounded insane. Not that it’s not possible to die from alcohol withdrawals, but considering who we were talking about (someone notorious for drug and alcohol abuse) that was a pretty far reach for me to believe.

As it turns out Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning. Her blood alcohol level was 0.416 which over 5 times the legal limit for driving.

The word is that she had been clean and sober for about 3 weeks before falling off the wagon and getting back into the bottle. Ultimately her death was a result of binge drinking. A term that is frequently heard, and sometimes even joked about by those who are ‘binge drinkers’, almost acting as if it’s something to be proud of. I have binged in the past, not because of depression or pressure, but just because of that ‘weekend warrior’ mentality. The week’s responsibilities have been taken care of, and then it’s party time. Some of us use ‘not driving’ as some sort of a justification saying “Hey, as long as I’m not driving it’s ok!” And as we can clearly see, that’s not always the case. Binge drinking is certainly something to worry about.