counted down the top 20 most miserable cities in the USA and it's not where you think.

Now I would of expected to see cities from the North East, Mid West and South to top a list of the most miserable cities in America but I was wrong.  According to the most miserable places in the good ole US of A are located in mostly California and Florida. I guess it makes sense.  Just because a place is a beautiful vacation spot doesn't mean the full time residents are happy.

I would have assumed that with the pounding that mother nature put on much of the North East and New England, not too mention the high taxes, would make us pretty miserable.  Turns out though that despite hating winter and cold, we all have jobs and a way to put food on the table.  Crime is also not so bad either.  The number 1 most miserable city in America is Stockton, California. Most people think of California as this sunny paradise, but it turns out it has  just as many problems as everywhere else.  The employment rate in Stockton is 14%, the housing market has virtually collapsed making the prices of real estate drop over 50%.  So no one can make money or find a job which leaves them stuck, thus; MISERABLE.   Besides number 2 Miami Florida, California takes the rest of the top 5.  California takes 8 spots total on Forbes list of the 20 most miserable cities.  I remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger took over as Governor he talked about getting the state out of debt, increasing jobs and cleaning up California in general.  That did not happen.  He left office last month with only a 22% approval rating and left Cali with an un-passed budget, sky high taxes and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Now California isn't the only trouble spot, Florida also takes a few spots on the list.  The housing market has fallen apart across the country but Florida is taking a big hit.  People use to move there to get away, now they are just trying to get away from Florida.  Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are among Florida's most miserable. No one wants to live there, which means no jobs for you, which means no money, hello foreclosures.  Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and even Washington D.C. all make the list.  For a complete look at the list, click here.  New York state isn't looking so bad now is it?