Let's face facts, most of us get take-out nearly every-other day or a majority of the days in a week. Doesn't matter if it's for dinner or lunch while at work, we all do it. The total spent on Fast Food can rack up quick if you really think about it, but most times we don't and just get another #1 with cheese.

According to a new study, Americans spend an average of $900 a year on take out food. This was conclusion was based on a poll of 2,500 people who said they purchased take-out within in the week of taking part.

The average spent on take-out in a month was $76, which adds up to over $900 a year in total.

Why are people buying so much take out? Most admitted they don't have the time or knowledge to cook for themselves. Another answer: "I just didn't want to."

What's the most popular take-out? Pizza, which ranked in with 57% of the poll. The rest of the top five included Burgers (49%), Asian/Chinese/Japanese/Thai (47%), Fried Chicken (35%), and Hoagies/Sandwiches (27%).