Have you ever been at a Chinese buffet and thought to yourself "this is definitely not how they eat in China"? What about Tex-Mex, that's just me pretending to know how to make a taco, and failing, but still eating what I made. Fear not, we're not the only country that messes up foreign food.

There's an American-style restaurant in Manchester, England, and for fathers day, they were offering the 'Holy Cow' burger:

The "Holy Cow" Ingredients:

  • Carpaccio beef and olive
  • 21hr Texas-smoked brisket
  • Juicy Lucy (melted cheese hidden inside a 100% steak burger)
  • A parmesan and Jacob’s cracker-crusted pattie made of pulled oxtail and pulled ox cheek with diced slow smoked ox heart and ox liver
  • Jalapeño and dill pickle relish
  • Thickly sliced mustard pickled tongue
  • Unholy sticky beef jus
  • Pulled 12hr smoked beef rib
  • Blackened Wagyu rib eye steak
  • Beef bacon
  • Red’s Dirty sauce
  • Chargrilled red onion ring
  • Beef tomato and salad leaves

Parts of that burger sound delicious, and could actually be found eaten by an American, in America; But what's up with all the ox parts? Why does England like ox so much, and tongue... uhg, you know what, I may have just lost my appetite.