Green Day's smash hit album American Idiot continues to be huge.  It's been turned into an award winning Broadway musical and now it looks like that production will be hitting the big screen.

In 2004 Green Day dropped American Idiot on us and I don't think they ever expected it to be the giant that it has become.  Hit after hit off of it along with a long running tour and a live album, American Idiot is regarded as Green Day's crowning achievement.  In 2009 the album was adapted into a Broadway musical that has won Tony awards and is a big hit among theater goers.

Now it looks like that musical could be turned into a big screen movie.  The Hollywood Reporter has said that Universal is in take the musical from the stage to the big screen.  The Broadway director Michael Mayer has already signed on for the project and Dustin Lance Black is already working on a screen play.  Playtone, Tom Hank's company, will be producing the movie.

I haven't had the chance to see the production in it's entirety, but from what I have seen so far it seems pretty good.  The music is what it is straight off the album, with a little bit of story line thrown in there.  If it follows in the footsteps of other musicals that go from the stage tot eh screen it will be a pretty big hit.  I am a big musical theater dork and I think it's awesome when they combine theater and rock music.  I will be checking this one out for sure.