The hottest show to hit TV in a long time draws big viewers and grabs audiences by the seat of their pants.

I am not one for scary movies in fact they terrify me but AMC's latest series "The Walking Dead" sucked me in.  The season 1 finale aired on Sunday which I caught on my DVR because I have the bedtime of 7th grader.  It did not disappoint.   Thrilling drama, action and of course ZOMBIES.

The problem is that the first season was only 6 episodes long.  So as soon as they gave us this gem of a television program they snatched it away.  To top that off season 2 won't be appearing until October 2011, most likely around Halloween.  That is a long time with no "Dead".  I guess all us zombie lovers will just have to sit and wait till next year to find out what happens to our favorite group of post zombie apocalypse refuges.  I for one can't wait.