While sitting and waiting for the previews to roll out in a movie, you see the courtesy reminders towards your fellow movie goers - These include turning off your cell phones. Which you think would be common sense, but for some it is now.

What if you were so addicted to your phone that you couldn't bare to turn it off? What do you do for that 2 hours you're in the theater sweating every moment you are "disconnected" from the world?

You might not have to worry anymore, much to the dismay of those in the theater with you.

AMC Theaters, which owns over 400 theaters in the U.S., is considering the placement of "Texting Aisles". And of course, to make sure the bright lights of the phones don't bother everyone else - the aisles will be reserved for the back of the theater.

AMC isn't the only one considering this either. Regal & IMAX have also come out saying they are in talks about doing something similar. However, AMC says they're going to take it one step further by putting up sound proofing around the selected aisles so other movie goers won't be disturbed by the potential sounds of phones going off.

So now there are more ways for people to excuse themselves from manners and be completely unmindful of those around them who also paid to enjoy a movie.

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