If Netflix did not have enough competition already, Amazon has now decided to take a step into the ring. Amazon Prime subscribers can now stream videos for free or rent them for a low price. By the way, if you're a student you get Prime for free (and free shipping and student discounts). I'm not sure if students can stream videos or not because the letter on the front of Amazon today says you have to be a paid subscriber. That makes sense, but it still sucks (for me).

Right now, Amazon is offering a free trial month membership for Prime. So if you haven't tested out Prime yet, you should probably give it a whirl now. I love Amazon. I see it as the Walmart of the internet (without the economic damage). This new step is going to really give Netflix a run for its money. My parents subscribe to Netflix and complain about how long they have to wait for newly released movies, and it's criticized on Time Warner commercials too. Netflix offers instant movies, but they are often movies that are older that have been out for over a year.

I have a feeling over these next few months Netflix will be losing lots of customers unless they make an intervention. I can't wait to see what happens.