I use to prepare myself for the day I would leave my girlfriend for Amanda Bynes, but since she has exposed her true haggard duck face self on twitter, all that has changed. I am absolutely crushed. I haven’t been this sexually frustrated and let down since the time I learn Tyler Hanson was really a guy. I feel like burning my DVD collection of old “All That” sketches, She’s The Man and Love Wrecked. Amanda Bynes, you and your twitter feed have broken my heart for the last time!

Whats better then one duck face? Three Duck faces and one with a blue beak!

Parappa the Rapper is the new Hot!

I haven't given up on you Amanda Bynes, I know you're still in there somewhere. i bring these things to your attention because I care. i hope you can snap out of it and bring this girl back. stop destroying america and come back to us.