Alright, this is a clear sign that the Nickelback hate in this country is getting way out of control. Now two dudes in Idaho are nearly getting arrested just for mentioning the band’s name?

Check out this video of the silliest mis-communication incident since that time Abraham Lincoln asked for someone to bring him his top hat but they thought he said top cat. What a splendid and historically funny tale that will be told another day.

These bros claim that they were talking about the band Nickelback. The police officers say they heard him say “nickel sack.” I know the police are assuming that the term “nickel sack” means a small bag of marijuana which makes this story even more hilarious.

I have no idea what year this video is from but it appears to be shot on a cell phone so clearly it is recent. I don’t even smoke pot but I am fairly certain NOBODY says “nickel sack.” Mr. Policeman, sir, do your homework, watch a Seth Rogen film or two and catch up on your crummy pop rock with dreamy lead singers.

PS: Aside from the "nickel sack" nonsense, I think I like the one officer who explains everything.

NSFW - Language