Alice In Chains has relaunched their website this past week with a brand new look, plus promised a big concert announcement on Monday April 11th.  What's the announcement? 

The announcement according to their bew website is that the band will be headlining Rock On The Range in Winnipeg Canada, August 20th.

Tickets on sale April 15th.

I am a big Alice In Chains fans, so when I see any new Alice In Chains news, I'm all about it. 

The new website is set up similar to  It is very blog heavy with members of the bands writing and adding content to the page on a daily basis.  Even if it is a publicist, I'm looking forward to reading "whats new". 

The page is slick and sharp, you can even change the backdrop of the page to your liking.  Social Media is well represented with links to their facebook as well as a constant twitter feed that you can follow. 

Tour information,  photos and merchandise are available too.  Any Alice In Chains album can be purchased off the site and have it sent to you. 

It was the 9th anniversary of Layne Staley's death on Tuesday April 5th.  Staley died on 2002 form a drug overdose and put the band on hold until 2006, when the band began to tour again with William DuVall on lead vocals.

Recently founding bassist Mike Starr died at the age of 44  in his Salt Lake City home on March 8th, while the cause of death is still unknown, evidence seems to suggest Starr also died from a drug overdose.

Additional Alice In Chains News. William DuVall is producing a feature-length documentary film about Atlanta's hardcore punk scene. The working title is 'All Alone Together,' spotlights two generations of hardcore fans: those who started the scene in the early '80s, and those who are currently living it in present day.

According to a post on Alice In Chains' site, the film explores the struggles of the first hardcore punks 30 years ago in the 'Capitol of the Deep South,' as well as what it means to be a DIY punk in the wake of major cultural shifts like the Internet and the emergence of punk as big business.