For Alice Cooper, the year 2011 was filled with playing over 100 shows in 23 countries, much like many years prior. It must be hard for the band to remember certain shows and distinguish one year from another, so this time drummer Glen Sobel made a five-and-a-half-minute video recapping the band's year, and it can be seen below!

The "No More Mr. Nice Guy" tour spread over five continents, including a number of shows right here in North America. He even performed at the Palace Theatre last November and once again put on a great show. The video includes backstage routines and drum-cam footage, as well as some fan-filmed footage.

Cooper and his band will be embarking on another tour this year, starting in the spring. Some dates have already been announced, and they include Bonnaroo, the U.K.'s Bloodstock Festival and an exciting four weeks on tour opening for Iron Maiden. I've never known Cooper to be an opening act, but I'm sure he will get just as much praise and recognition as usual- I hope!

What do you think of the video?