At some point in time, almost all great rock acts put their own talent and genius aside in order to pay respect to those that came before them and paved the way to success. It's come a little late but shock-rocker Alice Cooper is the newest veteran to take the reins. He plans to release a cover album next year and based on his longtime musical career something tells me that it will be well worth the wait. 

According to the article, Cooper drew inspiration for a cover album from his very own set. I was present at one of these dates and loved the fact that respect was paid to some of the greatest late musicians.

We do a thing in our show, which is a tribute to Hollywood Vampires, my drinking club, Cooper explained. And it was Keith Moon, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Micky Dolenz — a very eclectic bunch of drunks. Half of them are dead, so we do four songs in the show in tribute to them. We do 'Break On Through', 'Revolution', 'My Generation' and Jimi Hendrix's 'Foxey Lady'. I just kind of said, We've never done a covers album, let's think about that. So [producer Bob] Ezrin and I are kind of bouncing it around right now.

There's no specific details as to what exactly would make the cut. The idea of the album is still being conceived, but Cooper is pretty sure he wants to aim for the 70s era.

I don't want to just go anywhere. I want to keep it right in that sort of drunk era, so it's specific. I would say 'Break On Through', that's a really good rock track there. The other ones, think of it — Harry Nilsson, there's a lot of good stuff there that could be rocked out. I think of songs as being clay. Take a song like 'Jump Into the Fire' and take that to a harder level, and that'll work.

What songs would you like to hear covered by the Coop-man? What should he call it?

Jennifer Beaudoin, Q103








Jennifer Beaudoin, Q103