This past Thursday, Alice Cooper appeared at and spoke to the Governing Board of the Paradise Valley Unified School District and of the donation of instruments to Arrowhead Elementary School in Phoenix, and discussed the highly important issue of music education in school systems. The video of the speech can be seen after the jump.

I already loved this man, but I think I love him that much more now because he uses his spare time, which is a rarity, to speak out at such places and make a stand for kids everywhere. I agree that musical education is a must, but not always a reality. Cooper tries to fix this growing problem with his words of wisdom.

According to the article:

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation donates new and refurbished musical instruments to under served schools nationwide, in an effort to give youngsters the many benefits of music education, help them to be better students and inspire creativity and expression through playing music. Since 1996, instruments have been donated to 1,260 music programs across the country benefiting thousands of students. More information can be found at

What do you think of his speech?