According to a report from the Village Voice, New York City beer and liquor distributors have noticed an increase in alcohol sales in preparation of Hurricane Sandy, with some of the biggest increases including rum sales, making it possible that people are going to be making hurricanes during the hurricane!

The story also says that it is more than just young people who are stocking up to drink up during the storm. Clerks at several grocery stores in the area note that old women and businessmen have also been emptying their shelves to throw a few back when Sandy unleashes her alleged wrath on them.

This is a fantastic idea, unless something bad actually happens to the property of those people. If I were under the influence and, for example, a window broke, I would probably just curl up into the fetal position and try to fall asleep, or be glad that I'd be getting a fresh breeze rather than trying to stop debris and broken glass from making their way into my house.

I guess in this situation, just like any other time alcohol consumption is involved, it all comes down to how well you can handle your liquor.

And, if you are planning on drinking up this week, please remember to do so responsibly and to remember that your safety comes first. After all, you can't tell everyone your awesome hurricane drinking story if you don't get through the storm first.