Arguably the biggest free agent this offseason has been claimed.  He signs with the LA Angels for 10 years worth $250 million.  Greed is good?

Just when you think that a player isn't all about the money, he turns around and turns his back on the team he has been with his entire career for a boat load of cash.  Albert Pujols will be calling the great state of California home as he signs a deal with the LA Angels for $250 million.

ESPN reports that The cardinals had planned on talking to Pujols again today, but obviously that ship has sailed.   Pujols is a three time MVP with the Cardinals and won two World Series'.  Now we'll watch the next 10 years of his career in LA where they are always on the cusp of a big win.  They are reportedly also interested in signing big time free agent pitcher CJ Wilson, who expected to make a decision sometime today.