Two Wives? I can’t understand why anyone would ever want one wife, let alone two. Well Chris Envy seems to think it’s a good idea and he pro wrestles, so you know he’s full of great ideas. This week’s episode of wife swap featured Chris Envy a local Albany area wrestler who you can check out at Ultimate Wrestling (formally 787 pro wrestling) in Troy performing in the same ring I do. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but the idea of the program is couples in America on opposite sides of the social spectrum swap spouses. The title “wife swap” aloes to a much better sounding situation then it really is. When I hear “wife swap” I automatically think “swinger party,” but that’s not the case. Shucks!

This episode happens to be unique for a few reasons.

#1: Chris Envy is from Albany (Local boy in the house!)

#2: Envy is rocking an usual amount of wives (2 or more is unusual to be fair)

#3: Envy is a professional wrestler which can be tough for anyone to swallow... Including wrestlers.

So check out the episode of local boy Chris Envy and place your judgment upon him from the safety of your couch. Make sure you yell loudly because with him being local you never know, he might actually hear you. Also if you ever work up the courage to come see him, be sure to check him out at the next Ultimate Wrestling event. There you can tell him how you loved his episode or how you think that thing on his face looks like a fuzzy caterpillar is crawling out of his bottom lip.