Apparently we are all sinners in the Albany, NY area - a recent study done by an Evangelical group ranked the most bible minded and least bible minded cities in the United States and we came in at #2. Perhaps next year we can strive for the #1 place, an honor held by New Bedford MA. 

Albany is only ranked 10% bible minded while New Bedford is 9%.

Scanning the radio dial (not that you'd ever turn off Q103) easily will bring up about seven to eleven religious, bible thumping radio stations, including two that play Christian Rock. You'd think we were very holy here - and often I've wondered where all of the bible minded are lurking but apparently they simply aren't.

The American Bible Society conducted the study and while it was somewhat expected to find that many of the least bible minded cities are in New England, there are also a handful in the bible belt, which seems to defeat that nickname. There are 96 cities total on the list, so congrats Albany on ALMOST winning a great distinction!

[IMAGE: geishaboy500, flickr]