Now it would be easy for me to jump on the band wagon and give Gregory hard time for losing 0-5 to Zane. But with my ass being on the other end of a Free Beer And Hot Wings verbal boot, I can't help to feel bad for Greg.

After the show I gave Mr. Keefe a follow up call to see how he was doing. And like anyone should be after a FBHW beat down Greg was in great spirits, knowing that it's all in good fun. Greg was "Thankful" for the new boots and the opportunity to take on Zane.

A big fan of the show, Greg says if he had the opportunity to do it again he would" I know I would do better". Some of todays questions may have been outside of Greg's comfort zone "I've never seen GhostBusters" or in some cases he did know the answer but had a brain cramp "I know there were 13 colonies, I have no idea why I said 8"

When put on the spot it's hard for anyone to think clearly and for Greg in a blink of an eye DTZ was all over . But after talking to Greg I know he is a good guy and chuckles at himself when looking back at his five question Dumber Than Zane performance. Better Luck next time Greg.