Jayshawn Owens has himself a little record with the Albany Police Department. The 24-year-old has been arrested 11 times in the last year for everything from stalking to trespassing to public lewdness.

His recent arrest came Sept. 25 when he allegedly exposed himself to several young girls walking to school. The incident happened near the corners of Delaware and Morton Avenues. After exposing himself to them, Owens reportedly followed the girls, trying to talk to them.

Once the girls got to school they notified school officials and police would arrest Owens a short time later. He has since been charged this go-around with public lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child.

Owens has history of public lewdness issues and the DA is becoming concerned with the amount of arrests he has had within the last year. Most recently, just two weeks ago, he was accused of entering a woman's yard and proceeding to pleasure himself.

He's even followed a woman in his car who was jogging. He would return to the complex the indecent exposure occurred at after being told not to be arrested again.

Owens is expected in court on Friday for a hearing on his current charges. He is being held at the Albany County jail after failing to post a $20,000 bond.