Flying anywhere this summer? You might want to make a drive to another airport. Albany International has the highest average fare in the entire state of New York.

The average round-trip fare out of Albany is roughly $411, according to the Times Union. This makes Albany the highest in New York state and places them 22nd overall in the country.

Officials at the airport have met with other airlines to bring in more competition to help with rates. Airport spokesmen Doug Myers spoke with the Times Union:

Competition can drive fares. We've been diligently working to bring another airline to Albany. We feel competition is good for everyone.

But mergers have hurt those talks. Northwest and Continental both flew out of Albany at one point but have since merged. Southwest arrived in Albany in 2000 and offered competitive rates but have since risen those rates to the point they almost match those of other airlines.

Back to the highest fares in the nation; Who had the highest? Huntsville, Alabama who had an average round-trip fare of $544, that's $133 more than Albany. Be glad we don't have to fly out of there.