You know, in this rough economy you really have to hustle to make a buck. It's tough out there on those streets. Real tough! I mean you really have to take advantage of any way to earn few green backs, right? As your favorite rapper might say: 'You have to get on your grind and ish'.

Ever hear of scrapping cars? It's a great way to earn extra scrilla. Thing is, most of us don't have a beat-up hooptie parked out front, but listen: If you WERE to come across one, call a local junk yard. It's great. They'll come out to your place, write you a check and tow that pile-o poo away.

Think about it: Strapped for cash? Call the junk yard. Perfect right?

One thing though.

Make sure the car is YOURS or you're definitely gonna find yourself trying to remember that catchy 800 number of your local bail bondsman as you sit in the clink on a Felony Grand Larceny charge.

Josette V. DeGeorge (19) of Albany has found out how important it is to physically own something before trying to sell it. Cops say Ms. DeGeorge tried to scrap a car that wasn't hers via an 'Unamed Scrap Yard' this past Thursday resulting in that mighty fine charge listed above. Cops are currently in the process of making a second arrest and these two could see a bit of time in state prison if convicted.

You know, there could be more to this story that may come out but until then: this chick is starting off her Spring like a rock-star ehhh? Like, I know cash is the name of the game but man, do it legally baby. You're way to young to be stealing cars and what not. Get a job girlie, strip, do something positive.

End of story.