After a trip to Ireland local photographer Brian Reilly started the editing process of his photos. He quickly realized that his photos captured the the hardships of the homeless in Ireland. With homelessness increasing all over the world its hard to see beyond our own boarders. So Brian has put togeather a showing of his art to raise money for the homeless in Ireland with the help of Focus Ireland.


Here are the details:

The venue- Moon and River café, 115 S Ferry St Schenectady, NY 12305

Time and date- APRIL 20th at 6PM


Here is part of my conversation with Brian:

I was there actually on the 95th aniversery of the easter rising and lot of the pictures are political in nature.. It was also the 30th aniversery of the hunger strikes.. while I was prepping and printing i just kept saying one more one more,,, and came across some powerfull images.. I wanted to show avariety of work to connect with as many people as possible and create a dialogue about how I see the world.. I felt it was important then to include the homelss but I couldn't reason doing so.. unless I did something positive about it.