The website of Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke boasts "From blue jeans to bow ties, Liberty Ridge Farm offers indoor and outdoor wedding venues with breathtaking views that dazzle and delight." That is, as long as you're not gay.

The farm has come under fire and now a human rights complaint after declining to offer those dazzling views to an Albany couple looking to hold its wedding there - because they're lesbians.

Old MacDonald had some homophobia. E-I-E-I-O.

Farm owner Robert Gifford told WNYT, ”I think it’s our right to choose who we market to, like any business.” Huh?

Except that's not exactly what New York's Human Rights Law, which bans places of accommodation from discriminating against people based on sexual orientation. The couple - Melissa Erwin and Jennie Mcarthy have since filed a human rights complaint against the farm.

Robert Gifford told WYNT that it's not the first time the farm has declined to host a same-sex wedding. There's something to be proud of. We discriminate against people all the time! (Not an actual quote)

As news of the farm's decision spread, ticked off customers and members of the community took to the farm's Facebook page, where, oddly enough, the owners had gone silent and not answering the onslaught of angry messages, many from people who swore they'd never go to the farm again.


We bet Liberty Ridge's owners are wishing their corn maze was the hardest thing to maneuver down on the farm these days.