Dancing is one of the oldest, most powerful forms of seduction. When done well it can melt the heart of any man or woman you wish. That's why dance instructors are such vital members of our society. They take the awkward, two-left-footed masses and transform them into gyrating, thrusting love machines. Fortunately for the Albany Area, one of the best in the world lives right in our backyard.

Meet Dancin' Dave, who owns a couple of web sites selling instructional videos on how to dance, with the promise that it will help you to find romance. He is incredibly passionate about cutting a rug, and knows a ton of different dance styles.

His dances start out fairly innocuous, ranging from the Chicken Dance to different types of ballroom dances. Then, things took a turn for the weird when he showed off his more racy side in a club dancing instructional video.

Your friends at Q103 have put together a highlight film for Dancin' Dave, a greatest twists compilation, if you will, in honor of the Albany area's best dancer. Enjoy.