Times are tough these days. Tough on the pocketbook. Tough in general. Times are also tough with regards to large breasted ladies practicing procreation. To be honest, I still don't understand why ladies have to resort to Craigslist Casual Encounters to find some 'D' because, I mean think about it, all they really need to do is ask us dudes and we'll gladly service their desires. :-)

None the less, here's an Albany Area lady looking to spend some quality time with a male counterpart this afternoon.

Craigslist.org Screenshot

Added kinkiness, blanked by a stranger and DD cup boobs- You mean to tell me this lady can't find a dude to give her 'awesome sex'? I mean, I get it- she wants a stranger. However, something tells me there's more to this story then just hooking up with a random dude this afternoon. Let's take a step back though. Assuming this chick's description is accurate and there is zero wrong with her, mentally: